“I have had the pleasure and honor to work with Yo for 20+ years. As an executive at ESPN and a Women’s Sports Foundation member,  I have watched Yolanda excel at connecting female athletes with business partnerships. Always with a smile too! She has been a powerful mentor and leader for our young female athletes and her work has been priceless to the growth of women’s sports.”

Carol Stiff, Vice President of Programming & Acquisitions, ESPN

“Yolanda is a connector, advocate, trailblazer and promoter at all levels of sport. She has had a direct impact on moving women’s sport forward through her undivided attention in assisting athletes succeed in sport and life. I have had the fortune of knowing Yo since I first attended the Women’s Sport Foundation Dinners in the 1990’s. As an athlete in a small non-Olympic sport (squash), I was honored to be treated with the same attentiveness as the high profile athletes, which is a direct reflection of her character.”

Alicia McConnell, Director, Athlete Services and Programs, United States Olympic Committee

“I met Yo over twenty years ago when I was a sportscaster for ESPN. I was covering the WTA’s Virginia Slims tennis tournament at Madison Square Garden when she came up to me during a break and introduced herself. I was impressed by her sports knowledge and the ease with which she communicated with me. I felt an instant connection that has lasted to this day. She is truly a unique and dedicated individual. She’s a loyal and trusted friend to all women athletes…and especially to me!”

Robin Roberts, ESPN Sportscaster, Good Morning America Anchor

“Yolanda has done so much for athletes over her more than twenty year career, that I created an endowed award in her name, the Yolanda L Jackson Give Back Award, that is given to an athlete who help others. No one compares to her when it comes to supporting and promoting athletes.”

Billie Jean King, Tennis Legend and Women’s Sports Trailblazer, Founder of the Women’s Sports Foundation

“Yolanda is a true champion of women in sports. She has always gone out of her way to support female athletes, whether it was words of encouragement or connecting the athletes to leaders in the corporate and marketing arenas. Yolanda has always been there for me and my fellow female athletes and for that we’ll always be grateful!”

Michelle Kwan, Two-time Olympic Figure Skating Medalist

“Yolanda had a great working relationship with all of the athletes, sports executives and others in our world.  Every year she worked hard to make the yearly Women’s Sports Foundation dinner an inspirational night for all involved.  Her tireless dedication to the Women’s Sports Foundation, and the plight of women being accepted on the fields of play was exemplary and appreciated by all of us on the WSF board.”

Ross Greenburg, former Executive Producer and President of HBO Sports

I know that Billie Jean King gets so much of the credit for the success of Women’s Sports Foundation, and deservedly so. However, Yolanda Jackson has been equally important in the organization’s accomplishments and success, working tirelessly behind the scenes to make things happen. Quite simply, the WSF is a better place today because of Yolanda’s energy, positive outlook and total commitment to meeting the challenges at hand.  She is a ‘winner’ in every sense of the word.

Shep Goldberg, Sports Manager/Agent

Yolanda Jackson is a true professional. I’ve had the great fortune to work with her over the past 17 years with respect to athlete services. She earns respect from everyone in the business with whom she has worked.

Sue Rodin, President, Stars & Strategies, Inc., Founder, Chair Emerita, Women in Sports and Events (WISE)

Yolanda has been a tremendous advocate for empowering females in sports.  Over the years we have had numerous meaningful discussions that have helped to frame my vision in my own career, which includes managing female athletes.  Yolanda’s insight and vision are critical to the ongoing efforts to achieve gender equality throughout the sports industry.

Carlos Fleming, Vice President, IMG Worldwide

Yolanda is the best connector in the sports industry to all women athletes in any sport

Buffy Filippell, President, TeamWork Consulting, Inc.

Passion for sports is the foundation for Yolanda’s longevity in the sports industry, yet it is her ability to bring people together and create that ‘moment’….for the athlete, for the sponsor, for the fan, that has made her a success.   Yolanda’s experience brings depth to any interaction and is a powerful force for change, in the individual lives of the athletes and sports at-large. I have watched Yolanda work with a young athlete: create the platform, guide the opportunity and then knowingly smile as the light bulb flashes for the athlete and this young woman has attained a whole new level of maturity.  I have witnessed the positive impact of Yolanda’s hand in the WTA, the Women’s Sports Foundation and expect the ripple-effect to continue.

Ashley Keber, Vice President Member Relations, Women’s Tennis Assocation

Yolanda Jackson has simply devoted her life to women in sports. Year in and year out she has been the face of the Women’s Sports Foundation when inviting the most successful as well as  upcoming athletes to the Foundations’ major fund raising event, the Annual Salute to Women in Sport, held in New York City.  When not making sure the dinner is packed with who’s who in women’s sports she has been the go to person in keeping women’s sports issues high on the United Nations agenda as well as on the minds of legislators in Washington D. C. She has not only built the bridge between athletes, sponsors and advocates she has kept it.

Donna de Varona, Olympic gold medalist, Emmy award winning broadcaster, President DAMAR Inc., First President of the Women’s Sports Foundation

Yolanda is the gift that keeps on giving.  She has a deep reservoir of knowledge, passion, contacts and friendship.  Everyone wants to sit next to her!

Lesley Visser, Hall of Fame Sportscaster

Yolanda Jackson is a treasured advocate and leader in women’s sports. Every time I turn around at a women’s sporting event, she’s there, and it’s always a delight to see her. Yolanda is a good friend who never misses a chance to support anything women in sports — or women in the sports media — are doing. Girls and women throughout sports are lucky to have her on their side.

Christine Brennan, USA Today sports columnist, ABC News, PBS and NPR commentator and best-selling author

I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t know Yolanda Jackson. Since my earliest days in broadcasting I have been the grateful recipient of her surpassing talents and generosity, and I know that I speak for countless other women in sports who feel the same way. She truly is in a league of her own.

Mary Carillo, Celebrated Broadcaster and former tennis champion

Yo is someone who has been around women’s sports for a long time and should have a gold medal herself for all the work she has done, women she has worked with and relationships she has made. She has always put the athlete first and has been an integral part in connecting female athletes with the corporate, marketing and business world around them.

Jessica Mendoza, Two-time Olympic Softball Medalist, ESPN Analyst & Reporter

Yolanda is a shining example of a woman on a mission! From the first time I met her, her passion and dedication to promoting and supporting women in sports was evident. Her enthusiasm and commitment has continued to inspire me and I know she will continue to be a winner.

Laila Ali, Undefeated World Champion Boxer, Founder of the Laila Ali Lifestyle brand

Yolanda is known, valued and trusted by athletes, agents, sports industry experts and corporate executives.  Not only does she know hundreds of women athletes  in every sport, but she has made it possible for many of them to become household names!  Her ability to make the right connections is legendary. I have known her for over 20 years and her dedication to marketing and promoting athletes has never wavered.  I’m proud to call her a friend!

Martina Navratilova, 56-time Grand Slam Champion, International Tennis Hall of Fame Member

Meeting Yolanda was a turning point in my career.  For more than ten years she has offered her invaluable guidance, mentorship and support.  She has been a source of inspiration and wisdom to generations of women athletes striving to build meaningful careers after their competitive years.

Sarah Hughes, Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist

I met Yolanda in 1989 when she read about my accomplishment of being named  the first African American female swimmer to win an NCAA Division I championship at Boston University, becoming the university’s only All-American in women’s swimming! She put me on the world’s stage at the time and introduced me to the sports community elite. She has continued to do the same for my daughter Sloane Stephens (Professional Tennis Player) whom she has followed since she was a teenager! Her ability to spot talented women athletes is uncanny!

Sybil Smith, NCAA All American Swimmer, Boston University Hall of Fame Member

When I first met Yolanda I never knew the type of people she would be able to connect me with. I just thought she was a female sports advocate and wanted everyone to be treated equal. Later, I would meet some of the greatest movers and shakers in sports history and be a part of this giant professional network because of her. If you know Yolanda or as her friends call her, “Yo”, you must be in the know.

Grete Eliassen, Six-time Winter X Games Medalist

Yo knows athletes.  I was always impressed how she had her finger on the pulse of who was new and who was hot from the emerging athlete to the veterans.  She was a recruiter and promoter of women in sports before there was a women’s sports industry

Dawn Riley, Sailing Champion, CEO & Captain for the historic all-women America’s Cup team AmericaTrue

Yolanda is not just a great example of a powerful and independent woman, she is an amazing friend and mentor. She exudes strength as a leader and compassion as a friend and with those qualities she has made incredible advancements for women in sports.

Alana Nichols, Basketball and Skiing, six-time Paralympic medalist

Yo has always been synonymous with advocating for female athletes in sports. From knowing just about every elite female athlete in the nation, to forging relationships with up and coming athletes, to advocating for the rights of young female athletes to participate in sports, Yo has been this wonderful presence in the women’s sporting community for the last two decades. I am forever grateful for her ability to connect us all in such a positive way.

Julie Foudy, Three-time Olympic Soccer Medalist, Three-time Olympic Soccer Medalist, ESPN Analyst & Reporter