UConn Women’s Basketball Nets Historic 100th Consecutive Win

The University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball team has been attacked as being so good that they are too boring to watch. Yet they have played on and made history for being the first NCAA basketball team in history (men’s or women’s) to rack up 100 consecutive wins! The only other teams to ink an NCAA historic winning record are the Miami Men’s Tennis team (137), BYU-Hawaii Women’s Tennis team (130), and Penn State University’s Women’s Volleyball team (109).
The strange thing about this fact is not that history has been made, but that the media has not found it important enough to have been following the Huskies’ amazing journey over the past three years. Other than maybe a footnote in an obscure article that may have appeared in a local publication, only ESPN has been diligent in keeping pace with the team’s march to greatness.
This would not have been the case for any of the top Division 1 men’s basketball teams. If Villanova – the 2016 NCAA Division 1 Champion – or any of the other top five men’s teams, were in the position the Huskies are in now, every major TV network would be leading off its sports broadcast with an update to its race for the record! This has not been the case with UConn. Although the 11-time champion Huskies have had six perfect seasons and four others with just two losses, they still can’t seem to get any respect.  What does it take to show talented women achieving success that the men haven’t had?
The Huskies will no doubt continue to advance to this year’s Final Four Championships. Will their 100th win finally give them some street cred going into the final stretch or will they continue to be a footnote in some local publication?