Rio Games: Gold medal predictions vs actuals

Business Insider put together a comprehensive list of all the gold medal favorites for this years’ Rio Games. According to Business Insider, they compiled it by “using odds provided by both Bovada and SkyBet, along with experts’ opinions for those niche sports without odds (the events you will find with no accompanying odds), we compiled a list of every gold-medal favorite in Rio.” We were going to put together our own gold medal predictions, but because this was so good (and we agreed with so many!), we figured we would post their original list and match up against it each week to see how they did! Let’s take a look at how they’ve done so far predicting the women’s champions, five days into competition.

As of 10:30pm, Wednesday, 8/10/16, Business Insider has accurately predicted 15 of 31 women’s / mixed events.


Cycling Women’s road time trial Anna van der Breggen (Netherlands) Kristin Armstrong (USA)
Diving Synchronized 10m platform China China
Equestrian Mixed individual eventing (M) Michael Jung (Germany) (M) Michael Jung (Germany)
Equestrian Mixed team eventing Germany France
Fencing Women’s individual épée Rossella Flamingo (Italy) Emese Szasz (Hungary)
Fencing Women’s individual foil Arianna Errigo (Italy) Inna Deriglazova (Russia)
Fencing Women’s individual sabre Olga Kharlan (Ukraine) Yana Egorian (Russia)
Gymnastics Women’s artistic team USA USA
Judo Women’s 70 kg (154 pounds) Kim Polling (Netherlands) Haruka Tachimoto (Japan)
Judo Women’s 52kg (115 pounds) Majlinda Kelmendi (Kosovo) Majlinda Kelmendi (Kosovo)
Judo Women’s 48kg (106 pounds) Urantsetseg Munkhbat (Mongolia) Paula Pareto (Argentina)
Judo Women’s 57kg (126 pounds)  No predicted winner listed Rafaela Silva (Brazil)
Judo Women’s 63 kg (139 pounds) Tina Trstenjak (Slovakia) Tina Trstenjak (Slovakia)
Shooting Women’s 25m pistol Jingjing Zhang (China) Anna Korakaki (Greece)
Shooting Women’s trap Fatima Galvez (Spain) Catherine Skinner (Australia)
Shooting Women’s 10m air pistol Guo Wenjun (China) Mengxue Zhang (China)
Shooting Women’s 10m air rifle Yi Siling (China) Virginia Thrasher (USA)
Swimming Women’s 4x100m freestyle Australia Australia
Swimming Women’s 200m freestyle Katie Ledecky (USA) Katie Ledecky (USA)
Swimming Women’s 400m freestyle Katie Ledecky (USA) Katie Ledecky (USA)
Swimming Women’s 100m backstroke Emily Seebohm (Australia) Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)
Swimming Women’s 200m IM Katinka Hosszu (Hungary) Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)
Swimming Women’s 400m IM Katinka Hosszu (Hungary) Katinka Hosszu (Hungary)
Swimming Women’s 100m breaststroke Lilly King (USA) Lilly King (USA)
Swimming Women’s 200m butterfly Franziska Hentke (Germany) Mireia Bemonte Garcia (Spain)
Swimming Women’s 100m butterfly Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden) Sarah Sjostrom (Sweden)
Table Tennis Women’s Individual Ding Ning (China) Ding Ning (China)
Weightlifting Women’s 53kg (117 pounds) Hsu Shu-ching (Taiwan) Hsu Shu-ching (Taiwan)
Weightlifting Women’s 48kg (106 pounds) Hou Zhihui (China)  Sopita Tanasan (Thailand)
Weightlifting Women’s 58kg (128 pounds) Kuo Hsing-chun (Taiwan)  Sukanya Srisurat (Thailand)
Weightlifting Women’s 63kg (139 pounds) Tima Turieva (Russia) Wei Deng (China)
Weightlifting Women’s 69kg (152 pounds) Xiang Yanmei (China) Xiang Yanmei (China)