Athletes to Watch: On the Road to Sochi 2014, Week 33

Marketing Female Athletes will be spotlighting athletes in different sports leading up to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Some of them you may have already heard about but there definitely will be many whom you’ve never heard about until here and now!

Week 33

Team USA
Team USA


For the past thirty-two weeks we have featured prospective U.S. Olympic Team members who will represent us in Sochi. Since many of the Trials are over, we thought you might like to know who has made the team to date. Some Trials are still continuing so this is not a complete list. We will have an update next week. We are proud to report that more than half of those we selected have made the team! Here are your current champions followed by the week they were featured:


Ashley Wagner, Figure Skating (Week 1),
Arielle Gold, Snowboarding (Week 4),
Heather Richardson, Speedskating (Week 5),
Gracie Gold, Figure Skating (Week 6),
Noelle Pikus-Pace, Skeleton (Week 9),
Elana Meyers, Bobsled (Week 10),
Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureaux, Ice Hockey (Week 11),
Erika Brown, Curling (Week 13),
Kikkan Randall, Cross-Country Skiing (Week 14),
Lolo Jones, Bobsled (16),
Julie Chu, Ice Hockey (Week 21),
Jamie Anderson, Snowboarding (Week 22),
Lauryn Williams, Bobsled (Week 23),
Katie Uhlaender, Skeleton (Week 31),
and Mikaela Shiffrin, Alpine Skiing (Week 32).

Stay Tuned to see how many more make the team!

Stay tuned as Marketing Female Athletes brings you all the must-watch athletes for the Sochi Olympics

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