Athletes to Watch: On the Road to Sochi 2014, Week 26

Marketing Female Athletes will be spotlighting athletes in different sports leading up to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Some of them you may have already heard about but there definitely will be many whom you’ve never heard about until here and now!

Week 26

USA Curling Team
USA Curling Team

In week 13 we introduced you to Erika Brown and the Olympic sport of Curling. This week we present the rest of the team. After winning the recent Olympic curling trials, Team Erika Brown became the first athletes nominated for the 2014 U.S. Olympic team! Team Brown has been called an All-Star team. In addition to Erika, who competed in curling as an Olympic demonstration sport in 1988 and then as an official Olympic sport in 1998, her teammates Debbie McCormick, Ann Swisshelm and Jessica Schultz all have Olympic experience as well. McCormick has competed in three Olympic Winter Games and won eight U.S. championships. Swisshelm is a 2002 Olympian and five-time U.S. champion, and Schultz is a 2006 Olympian and three-time national champion. We mentioned earlier that curling is one of the least known, understood and appreciated of the winter sports, but look to this outstanding team to change those perceptions in Sochi!

Stay tuned as Marketing Female Athletes brings you all the must-watch athletes for the Sochi Olympics