Athletes to Watch: On the Road to Sochi 2014, Week 24

Marketing Female Athletes will be spotlighting athletes in different sports leading up to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Some of them you may have already heard about but there definitely will be many whom you’ve never heard about until here and now!

Week 24

Heidi Jo Duce, Paralympic Snowboarding
Heidi Jo Duce, Para- Snowboarding

“Being an amputee has given me a very positive outlook on life and has presented me with countless amazing opportunities. I love it.” This is how Heidi Jo Duce describes her life. She was born without a fibula and most of the bones in her right ankle and foot, a condition known as fibular hemimelia. Her right leg was removed below the knee when she was 18 months old. But this has not stopped this Sochi Olympic hopeful from passionately pursuing her dream. Amazingly, Heidi just started racing in January 2013 and won a National Championship in one of her first races. She is currently training to be among the top three in her upcoming races that will determine the first ever U.S. Paralympic Snowboard Team! It will make its debut in Sochi. Look for her teammate, Amy Purdy, to join her!

Stay tuned as Marketing Female Athletes brings you all the must-watch athletes for the Sochi Olympics

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