Athletes to Watch: On the Road to Sochi 2014, Week 2

Lindsey Vonn, Alpine Skiing
Lindsey Vonn, Alpine Skiing

Marketing Female Athletes will be spotlighting athletes in different sports leading up to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Some of them you may have already heard about but there definitely will be many whom you’ve never heard about until here and now!


This week, we would like to highlight Lindsey Vonn, the renowned 28-year-old Alpine Skiier.

Before she was making Red Carpet headlines on the arm of one of the most famous male athletes in the world, Lindsey was one of the most celebrated skiers in the world. She is only the second female skier to win four over-all World Cup championships, three consecutive titles in 2008, 2009 and 2010, plus another in 2012. When she won the gold medal in the downhill at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, she was the first American woman to ever do so in that event! One of the biggest stories leading to Sochi will be Lindsey’s rehab and potential return from blowing out her knee at the world championships in 2012. Don’t bet on her NOT making it!

Stay tuned as Marketing Female Athletes brings you all the must-watch athletes for the Sochi Olympics.