“Passion for sports is the foundation for Yolanda’s longevity in the sports industry, yet it is her ability to bring people
together and create that ‘moment’….for the athlete, for the sponsor, for the fan, that has made her a success.”
-Ashley Keber, Vice President of Player Relations & Development, Women’s Tennis Association

Yolanda Jackson has spent more than twenty years getting to know female athletes in virtually every sport. Her personal knowledge of their interests, skills and expertise makes her uniquely capable to make the perfect match of an athlete to a product, service, event or project resulting in the best positioning of a company’s image, an organization’s advocacy efforts and the athletes’ own brand.

During her tenure at the Women’s Sports Foundation, Yolanda worked with such companies as Kraft, Pfizer, DuPont/Lycra, Ocean Spray, Sudafed, Avon and many others to secure athletes for product endorsements, VIP hosts and featured speakers.

She has collaborated with the United States Olympic Committee to promote the achievements of Olympians, liaised with the Women’s Tennis Association, the Ladies Professional Golf Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, and other professional leagues, to spotlight up and coming stars, and negotiated with the United Nations and other international organizations for athlete participation in global events.

Yolanda brings expertise to her consulting firm that is unmatched in the female athlete marketing industry and she is dedicated to providing the perfect match for your needs.

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